Wardrobes & Closets

Of all the personal spaces that anyone can own, none is more private and personalised as their wardrobe. A private space that is organised to their individual taste, feel and preference. With SKYFA, you can now take your wardrobe to the next level of sophistication, organisation & functionality.

Featured Wardrobe
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Kitchen & Pantry

No home is complete without a Kitchen, and at SKYFA we make that kitchen beautiful and functional. Discover new levels of organisation and luxury with our kitchen solutions. Our kitchens standout amongst the crowd for their sophistication, elegance and, at the same time, simplicity.

Featured Kitchen
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Office Furniture

Create lasting first impressions with unique custom made office furniture by SKYFA. No longer do you need to settle for the same mass market colours and designs of furniture that do not suit your office decor. At SKYFA, we can help you design and build your office to your exacting requirements.

Featured Office
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Retail Furniture

Nowhere is space utilization more important than in a retail environment. Not only do retail shops and stores have to maximize space utilization on one hand, but they also need to balance the aesthetics of the environment in their furnishings.

Featured Retail
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